Illustrated Theatre

Illustrations by Kristoffer Kjølberg

In the show ‘Draum om våren’ (dream in spring) currently playing at Det Norske Teatret the audience follows a desperate attempt to restore the bad relationship between Norway and China after the Nobel Peace Price was given to a man the Chinese believe is a liar. To restore the relationship representatives for the Norwegian business- and culture arena, including the world famous author and dramatist Jon Fosse, set off on a secret train ride to China to present a special performance of ‘Draum om våren’ to please the Chinese.

The performance is a quite unique experience and is categorized as an illustrated theatre performance. 400 illustrations by Kristoffer Kjølberg visualize the storyline, and the actors are merely there to ad the right atmosphere to the drawings. Kjølberg explains that he made over 500 custom made illustrations during the preparation for the show.  

"When we realized how many illustrations we were going to make we decided to do the work digitally with cintiq and photoshop as the main tools. I started out planning to do it with markers and paintbrushes but to avoid chopping down a whole rain forest we ended up settling on a digital approach," Kjølberg tells us.

The illustrator, animator and designer has always felt comfortable expressing himself through drawing.

"I have always liked it, and I feel it is something I do well. It is nice to have a job you feel that you are good at and that you actually like," he explains.

'Draum om våren' is currently playing at Det Norske Teatret.