Garden Shed

Photography by Linda Bergroth

Ever felt the urge to wake up in nature, warm and safe between your own glass walls?

That’s exactly what Finnish architect Ville Hara (of Avanto Architects) and designer Linda Bergroth (of Hel Yes!) did, when they collaborated to design a series of garden sheds for the Finnish Home & Garden shop Kekkilä – which have now been discontinued from the Kekkilä range.

After the collaboration, Bergroth went on to customize her very own shed, of the photos you see here, inspired from the prototype. She uses it as an extra bedroom for her cottage during the summer months. She has added hardwood flooring, as well as small solar panels to power the lighting, a Philips record player, entry steps and a footpath made out of reclaimed bricks. Placing it this close to water doesn’t hurt either.

Bergroth’s transparent dream is located on a distant island in eastern Finland.