Knock on Wood

The Oak Men believe that their masculine approach to woodwork is a result of their Scandinavian upbringing and relationship to nature. Ever since the launch in 2014, the two danes have created a very own wooden universe, characterized by a rough finish.

“Growing up in Scandinavia we have also witnessed the design tradition and history, which of course has enhanced our interest and passion for the field.”

Their pieces range from decorative objects to helpful and stylish pieces that make everyday life a little easier in a cool way. A combination of a vase and an organizer for your pens and scissors, to a calendar which might help remind you to be present, without the help of technology, are just a few examples of the creative collection. Their wooden calendar has become one of their personal favorites so far.

"The thought is to go back to the days of analoge products and forget the smartphones and the digital hysteria. It gives people the chance to take a moment during the day, to experience the now, and at the same time have a small piece of nature in their hands. The design is also inspired by the planets and time in a bigger perspective.”

The Oak Men do not see the focus on using organic material as a trend, but more as a desire and a necessity.

“Nature has so much to offer, so why should we use synthetic material?”