Illustrations by Frode Skaren

Frode Skaren, also knows as Uglylogo is our illustrator of the week! He loves to solve problems with visual solutions and can be recognised by his colourful and humorous style. Uglylogo is represented by illustration agency byHands, and loves that working as a illustrator makes every job different. 

Describe your own style. 

My style is playful, humorous and often character based. I normally draw a clean, thick line and work with few colours on every project. I like that the illustrations get an identity of some sort on each individual project. Others might describe my style as childish or vulgar, and I guess that also kind of fits.

 Other than creating a piece of art, what else do you get out of working with illustrations?

I love to solve problems with visual solutions, illustrations are meant to help convey a message or to make a product more appealing. Basically to better communication. And sometimes you get feedback that it worked and that’s pretty cool to know. The best thing about working as an illustrator is that almost every project is new and different from the last. I meet new people, get to learn new things and work on exciting, boring, big, small and weird projects. I love it.

What are your tools of choice?

I sketch on my iPad pro, and I always use a black marker on paper for the original drawings. When I'm not screen printing, I usually colour my work in Photoshop.

Could you name your illustrator heroes? 

I have a list in my head that never ends, but let me try to narrow it down to five:

Gary Taxali: Probably where I got most of my inspiration early on in my career. Taxali has a unique way of making his illustrations both vintage and modern at the same time. I love how his colour layers multiply and how he keeps stuff others would erase. A master of his craft.

Mari Kanstad Johnsen: Her naive illustrations are so beautifully made, and I’m always amazed by her colour palette. Her characters are funny and cute but at the same time so real and warm.

Satoshi Hashimoto: His style is a mix of cartoonish characters and vintage fashion illustrations. I’m impressed with how he uses colours to create depth or shadow, his editorial illustrations turns good stories into great ones.

Øyvind Torseter: Mainly a picture book maker, Øyvind’s ideas are conceptually brilliant. After finishing one of his books, you have to read it again to figure out how he did what he did. Even after 12 years, his book Klikk is still one of my favourite children’s books to read. 

Tom Haugomat: I recently came across this guy and I think I’m falling in love with his work. With only 3-4 colours he creates a mood in every illustration, like stills from a movie. It's amazing how he uses negative space in such a natural way. Even the textures on his work are great. It's fucking irritating how good some people are.

Photography by Mathias Fossum and Veslemøy Vråskar.

IllustrationMaja Hyggen