With a wish to highlight current designers and products, Norway Designs went together with Klubben and The Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts to create Norway Designs NOW. This week they’re opening their third exhibition, Sixteen.

The project was kicked off with a sales exhibition in 2014, with a focus on different methods of production. Three product categories were presented; unique, small scale and grand scale. In 2015 they focused on small scale projects and this year they want to emphasize what qualities a small scale project can add to the product.

Project manager at Klubben, Kristine Bjaadal, believes that small scale products carry a different story in comparison to the mass produced objects we usually surround us with, mainly because of how they’ve been produced.

"Small scale production creates a stronger relationship between the product and the user. The story behind will make people appreciate the object on another level and therefore they want to take better care of it. As a result I think it will help counteract a consumption culture characterized by a throwaway mentality,” Bjaadal says.

Sixteen highly different designers were selected to showcase their products. The result is a diverse exhibition that shows the scope of Norwegian design. 

Norway Designs takes you on a visit to Sverre Uhnger’s and Anette Krogstad’s workshop, to see how they’ve created their small scale products for this years exhibition.

The exhibition finds place at Norway Designs from October 13 until October 29.