Pursuits of Passions

Illustrations by Bendik Kaltenborn

Aesop’s Gift Kits for 2016-2017, collectively titled ‘Pursuits of Passion’, celebrate six naturalists long revered for their writing and illustrations. From Etheldred Benett, widely regarded as the first female geologist, to John Muir and his deep devotion to the wilderness, the common threads between the six naturalists are passion, a touch of eccentricity, and the gift of valuable new knowledge.

In true Aesop style, the packaging is just as thought through as the product itself. The gift kits come in practical, reusable amenity cases, wrapped in sleeves featuring vibrant illustrations by Norwegian designer/illustrator/cartoonist Bendik Kaltenborn. Kaltenborn's playful, yet tight illustrations are easy to both recognize and fall in love with. This project is certainly not an exception.

The gift kits are available from November.