Save the world

Creative / Art Direction by Jessica Walsh & Stefan Sagmeister
Design by Daniel Brokstad, Felipe Rocha, Ange Innarelli, Yu Chen, Kim Corti and Harry Butt

In one week we'll finally see the end of the weirdest US election cycle in ages. Even though pins won't save the world, they are for sure a nostalgic and good looking way to show the world where you stand politically. A few weeks back Sagmeister & Walsh — with Norwegian designer Daniel Brokstad, who we interviewed in Vol. 8, as part of the team — created over 40 different limited edition pins that protest Trump and promote love, tolerance and kindness.

"In our lifetime we have never seen a major candidate of such incompetence and ignorance as Trump. Recent polls have Trump and Hillary almost tied, and it's getting too close for comfort. We want everyone to be able to wear their heart (and politics) on their sleeves, so pins are priced low," Sagmeister & Walsh describes on Behance in the middle of October.

If you act fast, you might still make an impact on the people around you. Who knows — pins might be able to save the world after all?