On the edge

Photography by Tom Auger

Looking out across Tingvollfjorden of the Norwegian west coast, Cabin Straumsnes by Rever & Drage Arcithtects is a modernist complex that was also made as a traditional shelter with a gabled roof. The best ocean view can be seen from the top module that contains a small study. Although this room can, alarmingly enough, sway in storms, the construction is built to be flexible in strong winds. 

Large, seductive windows invites the unparallelled nature into every room. The modules which are leaning towards the eastern wall of the main construction, sheltered from the westerly winds, serve as bedrooms and a retreat for individual family members when they need some time for themselves.

The entrance is both inviting and secretive at the same time. You are led towards an entrance by the curved path and by the roofs and volumes surrounding the entrance. Still the entrance remains hidden and uncertain. The use of shingles (which are normally reserved for weather-exposed walls or roofs) on the wall leading to the entrance underlines this ambiguity.

Paradoxically the new main cabin was built after the annex. This due to the fact that the original cabin, with exception of the annex, was removed to make way for the new-build. Moreover, the annex was drawn by another architect office and completed a few years ago.

ArchitectureVeronica Solheim