Ida Kokkersvold

Ida Kokkersvold is Illustrator of the week! She has a thing for scanning objects and uses drawing as an escape from the real world. Read on to know more about her style, tools of choice and favorite illustrators.

Describe your own style. 
Sweet, bold, colorful and maybe with a bit of childlike curiosity. Color and geometry is often key elements that I work with. I experiment with different techniques and shapes. My experiments often include analogue elements such as paper, ink and maybe a scanner. In one of my projects, I started by picking leaves from the forest, ink pressed them by hand, scanned them and finalized it in photoshop.

Other than a piece of art, what else do you get out of working with illustrations?
I use illustrations as a tool in my work as a graphic designer, and the projects I like the most are the ones that include illustrations. Illustrations can really help create uniqueness and a strong visual identity, whether you’re creating a brand profile or a web page. Personally, drawing is an escape from the real world where I can relax and forget any worries. 

What other illustrators do you like, and why? 
Koloman Moser and Wiener Werkstätte: I discovered Koloman Moser while working on my bachelors project and have been in love ever since. He was a part of the Wiener Werkstätte, which was founded in 1897. He had a unique skill in combining organic shapes and details with a symmetric and clean layout. Design der Wiener Werkstätte is the most inspiring book I know of. I can turn to any page in this book and find inspiration in everything from layout to tiny details. 

Lotta Niemen is a Finnish graphic designer and illustrator. Her illustrations reminds me of drawings I loved as a child. She is a master of colors, and creates sweet illustrations made with simplified geometric shapes.

Raw Color is a dutch design agency, and one of my big inspirations on how to work with colors. I also love how they work with analog materials, their playfulness and their curiosity.

Ernst Haeckel. He has drawn the most amazing illustrations of animals and sea creatures. I discovered one of his illustration plates in a market in Amsterdam. Biology was just one of his many professions, and he discovered, illustrated and named thousands of new species. His book Kunstformen der Natur is a masterpiece.

What is your tools of choice?
My work includes both analogue and digital tools and techniques. Sometimes I only work digital, or a combination of both. The tools I used are dependent on the look I want. I might start by drawing by hand and end up in Photoshop. If I want a cleaner look, I’ll go with Illustrator. No matter what technique I am using, the end result always seems to end up in Photoshop. My drawing tablet is another tool I depend on. I cannot make illustrations without it. And finally, I have a thing for scanning physical objects… It’s so much fun!

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