Lunar Lens

Video and stills courtesy of Hasselblad

Hasselblad is one of those rare camera manufacturers that send a little chill down your spine with just the mention of their name. Founded in 1941 by Swedish inventor Victor Hasselblad, the manufacturer has been responsible for the documentation of some of the most important moments in human history. Famously, Hasselblad made the camera that first landed on the moon on the Apollo 11 mission, allowing the astronauts to return with some of the most important and widely published photographs ever taken. There are still twelve Hasselblad cameras left on the lunar surface. Hasselblad quickly established itself as a photography juggernaut and has been widely used in all types of photography, from fashion to scientific documentation.

The idea for the 6x6 medium format camera came to Victor Hasselblad in his youth when he travelled around the Swedish countryside to photograph birds. Never really satisfied with his results, he began to dream about a better camera.

Recently, Hasselblad published a 1967 Swedish National Television interview with the inventor that gives a rare glimpse into Hasselblad’s process and ideas. It is a remarkable document of a man and a brand that helped shape the future of photography. 

PhotographyVeronica Solheim