The Nordic Archives

With an ambition to make Nordic art more eminent worldwide, The Nordic Archives has handpicked a number of Nordic creatives, offering a diverse collection of exclusive high-end prints in a webshop and selected boutiques all around the world. launched last week, kicking it off with an exhibition at Norwegian Icons in Tokyo, Japan.

The archives represent a wide range of creative fields and expression, resulting in a diverse collection of prints. We especially like Snøhetta’s architecture photography, the dramatic and powerful nature captured by Pål Laukli (earlier seen in A New Type of Imprint Volume 3), the geometric and eclectic graphics by Non-Format and Ina Andersen’s poetic and clean photographs.

To make sure the quality is better than most of the big scale print production we see today, The Nordic Archives has joined forces with Print House and Arctic Paper, one of the most environmentally friendly paper mills in the world, using their fine paper Munke Polar. They want it to be affordable, but not at the expense of quality, which is also why the artwork is handpacked and quality assured.

“We want to give the audience a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artwork, by showing behind the scenes footage and interviews with the artists,” the archives say about their webshop, also serving as a peek hole into productions. “Inspired by everything Nordic, the archives represent the artistry of raw and pristine wonders of the North, the mystique and pureness associated with the Northern landscape that is imprinted by the inescapable yet alluring changes of the seasons. It is now for everyone to dive into its chambers to explore, and find the accurate piece of art for your wall,” they say in a press release.

Photography by Ina K. Andersen

ArtVeronica Solheim