Harlem, Paris

Photography by Massimo Leardini

After liking some of renowned hairstylist Anthony Turner’s images on Instagram, Harlem Alexander was contacted by the man himself via Instagram’s direct messaging, and asked if he wanted to come work with him at the Paris fashion week. Since then, Harlem has been part of the Turner team for shows such as Balenciaga, Chloé, Dior, Hermès og Kenzo. And now, in a couple of days, they’re doing The Victoria Secret Fashion Show – where he’s the only Norwegian working behind the scenes this year. –When I came to Paris for the first time, I was really scared. I had packed a blow drier and a curling iron, and when I saw everyone with their large suitcases full of equipment, I felt like a fish out of water. But everyone was so warm and kind, and made me feel like the team right away. When he grew up, Harlem used to run around the small, Norwegian city of Halden with his sister’s dress on his head, pretending that he had long hair. It was moments like these that helped him understand that he wanted to work with hair when we grew up.

I like everything that blows in the wind. Flags and hair being my favorites.

Photography top row by Harlem Alexander.
Middle row to the right by Martin Rustad.
Buttom row by Trine Hisdal.

He pinches his arm every now and then, not really believing that he’s actually been handpicked to be part of the Turner team. Knowing Turner’s strict ways, Harlem is aware that there won’t be much room for creative freedom for the next show. He’s just grateful for the opportunity and excited to see how Turner’s dark tone can fit into it. The most important advise Harlem has is the word: yes. Yes to working for free, yes to helping out, yes to staying around. Then the countless hours upon hours of work, all those late nights, will pay off in the end, when the world’s greatest catwalk wants you to put your mark on it. “To get what you want, you need to be willing to work hard. If you have been working all day and night at one job, and have to go to another one the next day, you just have to put on a smile and give it all you got.”

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