Nordic Creative Talent

Adobe Nordic Creative Talent Award has awarded the most creative talents under the age of 28 from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland since 2014. With a wish to give attention to the young people who challenge, develop and change the creative process, the award is aiming to emphasize the future rule makers of the creative industry.

This year it has been a record breaking number of nominees, making it even harder to reach the top of the competition. The jury, consisting of industry professionals from the Nordic countries,  focus on three criteria when evaluating the entries: craftsmanship, uniqueness and level of innovation and aesthetic value. Among this years recipients are two of A New Type of Imprint’s guest designers, Umer Ahmed and Nicklas Haslestad who took on the challenge to design the second chapter in Vol. 6 and Vol. 7.

Work by Nicklas Haslestad:

The jury explain that they were impressed with Nicklas’ level of detail and passion behind his own typeface. "Without shouting he shows skills and effort through his work. Clean and correct, his work fits perfectly in what we perceive as Scandinavian design." Umer was chosen based on his high level of understanding and his mature approach to typography and layout. "He treats every project with respect and avoids trends, yet still manages to create modern work that will stand the test of time. He clearly has a passion for his work and we look forward to see more of him in the future," the jury explained.  

For the two young designers the award came as quite a surprise well knowing they were up against some of the best young creatives in the industry.

"It was a bit bonkers to be called up on stage during the ceremony, the finalists were all outstandingly talented. For me personally this award is a reminder that no matter how frustrating or confusing this profession can get at times, I'm somehow on the right track. The high-five from NCTA along the way is inspiring and highly motivating. I am grateful, humble and still a bit shaky," Nicklas Haslestand tells us.

Work by Umer Ahmed:

"To win this award gives me a confirmation and confidence about my design aestethics. I like to challenge the norms and focus on my own unique style rather than being heavily inspired by graphic design trends, and it feels great to get an affirmation about my mentality by the jury members," says Umer Ahmed.

Any advice for young designers who would like to win this award one day?

"Graphic design is an expressive working field, that's why I am always focused on sharing and showcasing my ideas in the best possible way. Accept critisism, speak your mind, and don't be afraid to experiment and fail. Highlight your best projects even though you might feel the urge to show everything you have done, that is my recipe," Umer reveals.