Poster your walls

Art is becoming the new fashion, at least if trend forecaster Sara Ingemann Holm-Nielsen at Atelier CPH is reading the signs right. The multidisciplinary creative studio based in Copenhagen consisting of Sara Ingemann and creative director Mandy Rep believe that people's homes and the interior is an increasingly important way of showcasing who you are.

"We spend a lot of time and effort on how to curate and decorate our houses. Poster designs are affordable wall pieces for people to feature in their homes," Sara explains. "We believe that we will see more limited editions when it comes to poster designs as it becomes a more unique piece. The art world is booming and a lot of lifestyle and fashion trends tend to look towards the art scene for new inspiration." Sara predicts.

In their latest special edition collection, Atelier CPH translated the circle univers into a more graphic approach. They combined hand painted fabric with digital grained shapes and connected them with thin white lines. The studio draw inspiration from abstract shapes, geometric forms and Japanese simplicity to create a minimalistic composition.

Any good advice for young artists who look up to the work that you guys do?

"Always experiment, test new materials and follow your gut. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while you work," Sara says.

ArtVeronica Solheim