Allan Ohr

Inspired by the old inkbolt style and cartoons from his childhood, Allan Ohr have created a humorous and clean style. He is illustrator of the week. 

How would you describe your style?
Clean, silly and humorous, although the humor part is probably pretty niche. I love working with clean, strong line art. I sometimes like throwing in hand drawn typography as well. It's usually very character-centric. It’s inspired in parts by the old inkblot style, and the cartoons I grew up on, like the work of John Kricfalusi. I also do a lot of work in ink that's grittier and a bit more organic.

Other than creating a piece of art, what else do you get out of working with illustrations?
Variety is a big part of it. One day I’m working on a commissioned ink drawing, the next I’m designing characters for a card game. It never gets boring. I also get to work with creative people from all over the world. Working in teams on bigger projects has been particularly fun. I get to try new things and challenge myself, which is pretty cool to have as a job.

Any favourite illustrators?
There are so many, but here’s a couple of favorites.
DZO Olivier: his inking technique and compositional skills blows me away. He makes these big, incredibly detailed illustrations where he throws together a bunch of different elements. A lot of his work is based on symbols from ancient cultures and nature.

Beastpop: he does his own take on popular culture. His style is crazy and fun, and I love his use of colour and shading techniques.

Viscera Vicarious: Ecuadorian illustrator who does super clean vector work. His art is really light and airy, and he uses negative space really well.

Robert Borbas: Also known as grindesign. He’s mostly known as a tattoo artist I guess. I love the way he creates textures, especially organic ones like hair and fur. He’s a big inspiration when it comes to inking.

What is your tools of choice?
Pencil and paper for sketching. I usually finish work either with fineliners and promarkers, or digitally with my intuos tablet and photoshop. I go back and forth between the two.

IllustrationMaja Hyggen