Christmas Tales

We hope you're enjoying the holidays as much as we are! One thing we love about Christmas, is the beautifully animated short films it has given us. Therefore, we give you our favourites, all of them charming in their own way.

Alma is a different kind of Christmas short and was a winner at the LA Shorts Fest in 2009. The film is written and directed by Rodrigo Blaas, a Spanish animator who has worked on Pixar features such as Wall-E and Up. It's the details that makes this weird little animation horror.

We love the color palette in this funny Santa short!

This film called Christmas Trees is one of 5 shorts that Treat Studio did for E4 on the topic of Christmas. The general idea was to surprise people with something really anti-christmas, and transform something boring into something amazing. 

Grandma´s Hero isn't a Christmas film per se, but it still makes the cut. The short is about Lulu who graduates from the Hero Academy and finally gets the chance to prove himself a hero to society, only to see his grandma join him for the legendary adventure. Magically cute. Merry Christmas to you all.