Anders Kvammen

Anders Kvammen never leaves a piece of paper empty and finds his drawing process in some ways meditational. He is our illustrator of the week, and recently released his very first book, Ungdomsskolen. 

Hi Anders! How would you describe your own style?
I would describe it as quite detailed. I think it started with the idea of me wanting to fill the whole paper. Every single inch of it. I never use colours, because I find the black and white style to be the most expressive. That and the fact that I am not good with colours.

Tell me about the idea for the book Ungdomsskolen.
Ungdomsskolen is based on a stressful period of my own life. I hadn't made a lot of comics before, so I learned a lot during the time I spent working on it. The visual expression is simple, yet detailed. I wanted a naive style to balance out the rather serious theme.

What is it about making comics that is so great?
To make comics is hard work, I think. But that feeling of seeing a fully inked page is just fantastic. It's so strange, the page came out from nothing. I also tried to write fiction, but never managed to write anything good. Drawing combined with the writing worked for me.

Other than creating a piece of art, what else do you get out of working with illustrations?
I find the drawing process soothing, I think it sometimes is a form of meditation to me. If I don't draw one day, I often like something is missing.

What other illustrators do you like, and why? 
I love many! But I will mention one especially—Frederik Stabel, a Norwegian, now deceased, artist. My aunt and uncle had one of his prints (it belongs to me now) and I adored it every time I came to visit. To me he has everything—powerful expression, humour and a poetic sting. I think that print is the reason I wanted to become an artist.



IllustrationMaja Hyggen