Blue on Blue

All images by Bold

Not only is Scandinavian Airlines the leading airline company in Scandinavia, but now, with their new visual identity, it’s also one of the the world’s strongest and most recognisable airline brands ever.

It is Swedish design agency Bold who has done the extensive work of creating the new visual profile for SAS, a work that feels both premium and fresh, while also retaining SAS’ most recognisable element: the colour blue.

“The world of a traveler isn't simply blue,” says Bold on their web page. “We created a new colour palette including several new shades of blue that allows SAS to work towards taking ownership of the colour blue through working with a blue-on-blue colour concept.”

The We Are Travelers campaign was the launch of SAS new strategic position as the choice for the experienced travellers. Broad and proud media was prioritised with a specific focus on clarity, distinctiveness and premium associations. Before this campaign, the brand was suffering from declining sales, a deteriorating reputation and an identity that looked like any of the other low price competitors.

“Our new visual identity is strong, differentiating from our competitors and above all, it has given proven effects,” says SAS' Director of Global Brand Management, Pia Haag. “Our target group now perceives SAS as more premium, engaging and attractive.”