Pudder Print

Oslo based Pudder Agency was established in 2009 and was the first Norwegian agency that covered every aspect of fashion and advertising shoots. They represent a broad number of creatives working within the fashion and lifestyle segment. And now, seven years in the making, they’re expanding.

Introducing Pudderprint.com—a web gallery with strong references to fashion, interior design and architecture.

“We believe that our visual world will impact many. And the fact that there is a general growing interest and demand for unique photos, makes us want to contribute in making those photos available,” says General Manager Maren Helly-Hansen Sørbye and Agent Hilde Holta at Pudder Agency.

The images are printed on environmentally friendly high quality photographic paper, and prices will range from 3000 NOK and up, depending on size, circulation and the image itself.

“In just one photo shoot there can be thousands of really great photos that never end up being used. There are so many magical moments and we want to share all of them. Plus, it’s fun for our photographers to have their own ‘creative playground’ where they can unfold creatively, without too many restrictions.”

Today Pudder Agency represents photographers such as Julie Pike, Lasse Fløde, Kim Jakobsen To, Baard Lunde, Renate Torseth, Truls Qvale, Einar Aslaksen and Birgit Fauske.

Photography from top left:
Julie Pike
Kim Jacobsen To
Lasse Fløde
Renate Torseth x Esra Røise

Pudderprint.com will launch in two days, December 7. If you’re in Oslo between December 7 and December 14, there will be a popup store where you can see the prints live, at Eufemias Hage Visningssenter, Barcode.

PhotographyVeronica Solheim