Welcome to Finland

Illustration by Antti Kalevi

Today is Finland’s Independence Day! Congrats y’all!

A New Type of Imprint is celebrating this day by sharing some special news: after writing exclusively about Norwegian creative culture and design for eight issues, spanning two years, we’ve decided to branch out to our neighbours in the Nordic countries. The next four issues will include Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland. 

«We want to capture the creative sphere of each country in a chapter of 50 pages, where both showcases and interviews as well as the layout will be a reflection of the country’s visual landscape and design history,» explains Veronica Mike, Editor-in-Chief. 

«We decided to start with Finland, a country with a proud history of design and architecture. Their current creative industry is small, but very bold, vivid and fun. Amongst the other Nordic countries, Finland is definitely the one that stands out the most. The country’s history of being ruled by both Sweden and Russia, is reflected in a mix of shapes, materials and colors. It was also an industry we knew very little about, which was a great motivation for us.»

The entire second chapter of the winter issue will be dedicated to Finnish creativity. From the methods of Avanto Architects, to the vivid illustrations of Antti Kalevi, to the photography of Osma Harvilahti, to Satu Maaranen’s bold fashion design, to so much more. The colourful and playful design and layout of the chapter was created by none other than renowned Helsinki based Agency Leroy.

«In addition to being highly talented, Agency Leroy reminds us of ANTI. They’re a creative agency with their very own magazine, LEON. We knew the chapter was in safe hands when they embarked on the task a month ago. Art Director Hugo d’Alte and the rest of the team have done a beautiful job incorporating the uniqueness of the Finnish creative culture into the design of the chapter,» Mike says.

The issue on Finland is already available for pre-ordering and will be in stores right before the Holidays. Next up—in March—chapter two heads to Denmark. Stay tuned!

And to everyone in Finland: Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivä!