Cakes and Desserts

Renowned interiors magazine Apartamento, recently launched its first cook book. Their bi-annual publication is currently read in more than 45 countries and famous for being today’s most influential and inspiring, as well as hippest, interiors magazine. 

Editor Marco tells itsnicethat that the project «was inspired by the wish to try putting together a few friend’s recipes for the holidays.» They invited 16 highly esteemed chefs and food lovers from around the world to contribute, focusing on cakes and desserts. 

Compared to the publications consistent photography style and rich color palette, the cook book’s visuals are stripped down to the bare necessities. The recipes are presented in a simple one column grid and illustrated by Oscar Grønner's minimal and monochrome line drawings. Typical Oscar, no matter how minimal, the drawing tells a little story, and we're introduced to several cute scenarios from the kitchen or friends gathering.

Despite the books simplicity, Oscar’s version of the Apartamento logo on the cover, and the fact that the book is printed in the same format as the publications (170x240mm), makes it easy to spot its origins. A great example on how to strip things down to the bare minimum, while maintaining a signature — the book definitely has the renowned Apartamento look and feel. 

Like the photobook Apartamento released last year, ABC: Fotos, the cook book is part of their yearly effort to publish a charity project.