Architecture for fashion

Words & Photography by Veronica Mike Solheim

The first thing that met the eye when entering the Oslo Opera House—the arena for Oslo Runway 2016—was a large backdrop made entirely out of paper. The architect, Andreas Tingulstad, says its sole purpose was to give the audience the best experience possible.

–Ditte and Dita (the initiators) have done a great job creating a fashion arena that feels serious and professional. They have sky high ambitions, which was also the case for the backdrop. Oslo Runway is not about celebrities or who wear what—it’s about the skill and craft of fashion design. It’s about showing the press and buyers the best Norway has to offer in this field. My job was to create a backdrop that complimented its surroundings, had an international feeling and made sure that every model could walk seamlessly through the opening and look wonderful.

Andreas says the idea is based on that everything—every project or product—comes from tiny ideas, often written on paper. The entire backdrop was therefore made out of paper, which is not exactly easy to work with. The real challenge, however, was to create something that would compliment the already stunning architecture, he tells us.

–I’ve done a good job if the audience leaves a show stunned by what they just saw. They’re not supposed to think about or maybe even notice the backdrop, its the total experience that counts. I think that Ditte did a great job creating an arena and runway that gave that professional and international experience. I’m honored I got to be a part of it.