London: MagCulture

Introducing Store Guide, for you who wants to know where to go hunting for the best magazines around the world. Starting with the brand new MagCulture in London, founded by Jeremy Leslie. 

Hi Jeremy! Please introduce yourself.
I'm a Londoner who grew up with music and magazines and found design allowed me to combine the two. I've worked for big magazines and tiny magazines, run my own studio and also been creative director at a large publisher. Alongside the design practice I started writing and lecturing about editorial design. This is where the magCulture Journal grew from, and now the Shop. I still live in London with my wife and family, support Chelsea FC and swim three times a week to counteract the coffee and red wine.

How did the MagCulture shop come about?
We'd been selling a small selection of magazines online (, were doing the occasional pop-up shop, and I could see the possibilities of a permanent shop—cities like Berlin, Paris, Stockholm have such great magazine shops. At the start of 2015 I realised that sometime soon somebody would open such a shop in London, and I was going to be really pissed off that that someone wasn't me. So I spent last year finding the right property and sorting it all out. We opened on December 11.

What kind of magazines can people find at your store?
We currently stock over 250 different magazines, mainly but not exclusively small independents from all around the world. If you read the post on the magCulture Journal you'll know what to expect at the Shop. Good content, strong design, magazines as objects. Plus some rarities—we have copies of Club Donny and Cheap Date and are looking to build on that idea.

What’s your current top three titles that you stock and why?
My favourites have been the surprises: new feminist mag Ladybeard, Australian family food mag Lunch Lady and Little Atoms, a spin-off from the podcast of the same name. All great mags that sell well.

Let’s say we were to spend an afternoon together nearby, where would you take us?
We'd leave the magCulture shop with your bag full of new mags and have a coffee at Workshop on Clerkenwell Road (slow but good). We'd head north via Exmouth Market, grab lunch at Moro (hungry) or Brill (snack), and visit ace stationary shop Present & Correct. We would pay our respect to the building nearby where the first magazine is said to have been published and admire the local modernist public architecture.