The northern light

Photography by Julie Pike / Pudder Agency

Andris Søndrol Visdal is the photo editor of A New Type of Imprint and every Wednesday he will share Perspectives, a column dedicated to interesting, strange and beautiful photography from across the Nordic countries.

Julie Pike’s photography explores the beauty of the light in the northernmost parts of Europe. From the long winters where the daylight seems to fade before it has even emerged, to the summers where even the nights have a tinge of soft blues and pinks, the quality of light shifts and changes, seemingly minute by minute. This creates a unique challenge for photographers, one that Julie embraces and turns into an asset in her portraiture and fashion photography.

“I love the four seasons and how they influence the light. The warmth of the low sun in the fall and winter, and the sun that never sets in the summer. In particular, I enjoy photographing people in the Scandinavian scenery,” Julie says.

Top left: PS magasinet. Model: Becca Hiller, stylist: Margrethe Gilboe/Pudder
Top right: Thomas Dybdahl for Oak Journal. Stylist: Lotte Sheppard/Pudder
Bottom left: Tableau Paper. Model: Karen/Heartbreak, stylist: Christina Ledang
Bottom right : Liam for Anti/Canon "Darkness" project