Sustainable stripes

Photography by Adam Stirling and Vestre

The Norwegian Award for Design Excellence has announced their nominees, and the outdoor furniture series Stripes by Norwegian manufacturer Vestre caught our eye. The selected projects must provide sustainable solutions, account for society’s future environmental changes, and have a social impact.

The Stripes series was designed in collaboration with architects who have expressed a need for an outdoor seating solution that incorporates these values. Vestre, along with designer Lars Tornøe, created a modular system of outdoor benches based on rectangles and semi-circles. The designs are playful, colorful, and inviting, turning the public space into an open area for encounters and dialogue.

Vestre products are built to endure Scandinavian seasons, be transformed, repaired and re-used. Their commitment to sustainability and longevity is also visible through their use of Scandinavian fine wood, high grade metals and paints. Their newly opened modern and eco-friendly production facility—designed by Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta—is also a display of the company values.