Judge the book by its cover

Last week The Year's Most Beautiful Books Awards were held by Grafill at the National Library in Oslo. In 15 different categories, and with awards stretching from diploma to bronze, silver and ultimately the gold medal, a total of 50 books were awarded. Per Dybvik stunned the jury and—with his own book The Hunter, A Story From the Woods—received both gold, and the evening's most highly regarded award; The most beautiful book of the year.

The Hunter, A Story From the Woods is an illustrated book with hand-drawn images of beautiful, hopeful, dark, and bizarre creatures from nature, perfectly reflecting the poetic and surrealistic story. 

The jury says:
«The enthusiasm of the jury was unanimous. We were overwhelmed by the wonderful illustrations that almost seems like a genre of its own. The form and the paper allows the drawings to be perceived as they were drawn directly into the book, and we get the feeling of an original artwork. We get a foretaste already on the cover; the handwritten text elaborates the illustrations and emphasizes craft; even colophon is a delight to the eye. The images are seemingly randomly placed on the side, and the direct, nervous stroke get the figures to emerge on the sheet and live freely. Each spread is like a separate poetic work. A strange and poignant fabel book which is unlike any we've seen before»

Per Dybvig

Livonia Print

Handwritten by Per Dybvig

Cappelen Damm

Per Dybvig

Graphic Design
Elisabeth Vold Bjone / Cappelen Damm