Tumble by Falke Svatun

Photography by Lasse Fløde

At this years Ventura Lambrate in Milan (April 12th-17th) you’ll find 26 Norwegian designers and crafts artists represented at the exhibition Structure—Norwegian contemporary crafts and design. Falke Svatun is one of them. 

His contribution to the Structure exhibition is Tumble, a stoneware vessel designed to challenge the conventional perception of a vase in shape, function and appearance. The cutout at the base allows it to sit on the edge of a shelf or sill, while still permitting the vase to balance on flat surfaces.

Since Falke’s studies in industrial design at the University of Technology in Sydney, his main focus has been on furniture, lighting and accessories with a minimalistic approach, often with historical references. His work has earlier been exhibited in Oslo, Stockholm, Milan, Paris and Copenhagen. 


Veronica Solheim