New Scandi Photography

Friday the 13th of May marks the opening of the exhibition Dislocating Surfaces—New Scandinavian Photography at Kunstnernes Hus, curated by MELK. The artist run foundation focusing on new photography is founded by the artists Bjarne Bare and Behzad Farazollahi.

In 2015 MELK released the book New Scandinavian Photography in collaboration with the London based publisher Black Dog Publishing with the aim to survey a young generation of Scandinavian artists. The exhibition should on the other hand not be seen as a representation of the book, but rather a project that explores the different perspectives manifested in the book. The artists presented at Kunstnernes Hus all share a common exploration of the dialogue between the traditional art of photography and the new Scandinavian style.

"Compared to other countries, Norway has a rather short history when it comes to the art of photography. Thus making the photographers more experimental in their work since it is less based on tradition," Behzad Farazollahi explains.

The photographers explore material processes and ideas concerning surface and depth, they enter in a dialogue with other expressions such as painting, sculpture and film, and actively engage with the exhibition space itself.

The following artists will show new works created for the occasion during the exhibition; Emil Salot, Linda Hofvander, Kristina Bengtsson, Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson, Markus von Platen, Espen Gleditsch, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Flemming Ove Beck, Kamilla Langeland and Linn Pedersen.