My Place

Photography by Sara Tanderø /

Drawing directly on her photographs, visual artist Sara Tanderø explores how the added elements influence and alter the concept of a place in an image. Working on “No Place My Place” she describes pondering whether the place will change its character—becoming her place—or whether the drawn elements simply act as a disturbance.

Sara purposely decays the grainy photographs from the desolate island of Svalbard to achieve an image of a place that seems to disintegrate before the viewers eyes. The splashes of color against the cold blues and greys create an interesting juxtaposition, strangely pleasing and uncomfortable all at once. Part playful, part ominous there is an atmosphere of disbelief running through the series. The simple, almost childlike drawings soften the brutal industrial landscapes, completely changing the perception of the place you are looking at. It’s Svalbard but it could be anywhere.

Andris Søndrol Visdal is the photo editor of A New Type of Imprint and every Wednesday he will share Perspectives, a column dedicated to interesting, strange and beautiful photography from across the Nordic countries.

Andris Søndrol