The Ball Chair

The Design Museum in Finland is giving the man behind the ball chair the most extensive overview of his exceptionally long career. The 83 year old professor and architect is one of the internationally most wildly known names in the history of modern design in Finland. 

Eero Aarnio gained worldwide renown with his Ball chair, which was introduced in 1966. In this period a spirit of optimism combined with new industrial raw materials made it possible to expand the whole concept of furniture. Aarnio’s work is highly recognizable in his liberation of form, much due to his boundless imagination.

The exhibition at the Design Museum presents a broad perspective of Aarnio’s work in the design of furniture, lamps, small objects and unique, one off pieces from the 1950s to the present day. Chief Curator Suvi Saloniemi at the Design Museum explains that they wanted to show a modern image of Eero Aamio, placing him within the present-day discourse of design and its practice of representation.

The showcase is divided into five themes: Artifacts, Mind, Time, Process and Manufacturing. The themes address the main works of Aarnio’s entire body of work and take a look at their underlying process of design.

The Eero Aarnio exhibition can be enjoyed from 8 April - 25 September 2016.