Photography by Kim Høltermand

"I'm drawn to a darker, more melancholic style. My work has always been influenced by the feeling of being lonely in a desolate place, void of people. I want the viewer to feel like they are alone with the structures. Like they're living in a post apocalyptic world where the buildings are the only things left", Danish photographer Kim Høltermand explains.

Photographing architecture can often be a strictly technical exercise where focusing on straight lines and documenting a correct representation is of utmost importance. Kim Høltermand's work is technically impeccable, but he adds a personal touch, bringing the buildings into his own photographic universe. He has a knack for finding the unique characteristics in the architecture and translating it through his lens. The buildings feel massive and intimidating, the complete lack of surroundings isolate and abstract them. They are like monuments, still standing long after we are gone.

Andris Søndrol Visdal is the photo editor of A New Type of Imprint and every Wednesday he will share Perspectives, a column dedicated to interesting, strange and beautiful photography from across the Nordic countries.