IKEA decided to invite the Danish design giant to work together on the future of interior design. In the process HAY got their hands on the iconic blue and yellow IKEA bag and created their own spin on it. Even though IKEA has had an enormous growth since its start up, the company has not forgotten where they came from. Head designer Marcus Engman is fully aware of what people expect from them.

"We are witnessing a world in change. People are changing, and how they are using different products is changing. IKEA has a duty to constantly re-invent the home basics," he says.

At the same time he emphasizes the importance of keeping their design recognizable and maintain the Scandinavian heritage and identity.

Together with HAY, IKEA is now planning on developing a new identity for Scandinavian design. Rolf Hay says they have a lot to learn form IKEA and hope that IKEA can learn something from them as well.

HAY quickly got the idea to give one of IKEA’s most recognizable products a make over. Mette Hay explains that she loves the blue and yellow bag since everyone has a relationship to it and uses it for so many different things.

"The people at IKEA were extremely generous to let me touch the iconic bag, but of course it will be the rest of the accessories that will be the glue of the collection."  

The collaboration will be launched fall 2017 with a goal of making good design available to everyone.