Day of the Dead

Photography by Thor Brødreskift

Film by TYD filmproduksjon

During the International Festival in Bergen the collaborative performance Day of the Dead by Apparatjik, Concha Buika and Void was presented. A unique visual narrative was created by Void to accompany the bands' performance. The project is an interactive experiment, to find strategies to create a full length opera based on the story about Julia Pastrana, a woman born with severe deformations and heavy hair growth. Due to her condition she took part in 19th-century exhibition tours in North America and Europe, a "freak show."

When Void was hired to create the visuals to the bizarre story they decided to use projections on fabric to be able to create layers in the visuals that could mirror the complexity of the story.

Project director at Void, Mikkel Lehne explains that the creative minds at Void developed the visuals as an interplay between the different elements of the performance.

"We developed a software that made the projections come to life at the same time as the musicians played their instruments. Normally this is pre taped and timed, but with this technology every aspect of the show is 100 % live."

DesignVeronica Solheim