The Mickey Skull

The limited jewelry collection started out as a collaboration between Tom Wood and Dover Street Market. In October 2015 they launched a limited number of Mickey rings based on Norwegian designer Jon Andre Hanoy’s porcelain Mickey figure. Today a full collection of exclusive and hand made Mickey rings are launched in selected stores around the world.

Hanøy reveals that the Mickey sculpture was created after he played around with a vintage monkey skull.

"One of the moulds I created ended up with big mouse ears and people really liked it. Thats how the sculpture was created," he explains.

The collection is made of 925 sterling silver, 9k gold or black ruthenium plated silver. The pieces are hand engraved with its unique serial number indicating how many items of this specific style that will be available worldwide.

The designer is overwhelmed with the international attention the collaboration has received and is a little surprised about the amount of international coverage he has received compared to the interest he has experienced in Norway.

"I believe sometimes things has to take a little detour outside of Norway before it gets the right attention here at home," Hanoy says.

The exclusive collection is available in ten selected stores, among them Dover Street Market Ginza, Excelsior Milano, Club21 Singapore og Støy Aarhus. In Norway the rings are available at Høyer Eger and Modo in Ålesund, in addition to Wood and Hanoy's websites.