Engage with tradition

100 % Norway returns to the London Design Festival for its 13th edition this September. This time the exhibition is curated by Max Fraser, one of UK's most respected authorities in contemporary design. 

"I’ve been struck by the energy and enthusiasm of the designers I’ve met. The Norwegian design scene is small and, as such, has a tight community of like-minded individuals who collectively want to showcase their talent around the world. As such, the small country of Norway has developed a strong design reputation in the world, which I’m fortunate enough to inherit," says Fraser.

The exhibitors have each been challenged to present pieces that engage with Norway’s long-standing design tradition, whether responding to classic midcentury works, experimenting with typical Norwegian materials and techniques, updating classic ideas to the needs of the modern day or simply capturing contemporary Nordic design thinking.

Organised by DOGA (The Norwegian Center for Design and architectur), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Norwegian Embassy in London, this years show is both forward looking and retrospective, exploring modern Norwegian design in the context of the traditional heritage that have helped shape it.

"To me, simple beauty in functional products with great longevity is the distinct core of Norwegian design. In preparing for 100 % Norway, we looked at designs from the 1940s and every decade up until today. The products that have become iconic all share those same characteristics. I would say that Norwegian design has travelled a long way but has still been able to maintain its core," director at DOGA, Trude Gomnæs Uglestad states.

This years line-up features 17 designers and design teams, both established names and new talents from a broad variation of disciplines and locations. The exhibit runs from the 22-25th of September and this years exhibition space will be designed by London’s own half-British, half-Norwegian duo Hunting & Narud.