Foam Party

Photography by BIG and Jesper Palermo.

If you were visiting the Danish music festival Roskilde this year, you probably noticed the mobile pavilion in the shape of foam. Bjarke Ingles and Jakob Lang, both part of the Danish architect firm BIG, were invited by Tuborg Brewery, Chart Art Fair and ARoS Aarhus Art Museum to create the eye-catching pavilion. 

BIG explain that they drew inspiration from inflatable castles from their childhood when creating the structure, which is fully transportable. The project, quite appropriately named SKUM (foam in English), is described by BIG as a bubble-like cloud filled with air, powered by two turbines. It takes only seven minutes to fully inflate the giant balloons.

"The idea of the construction was to plug in and play," the creators explain.  

The construction debuted as the VIP bar for the Danish brewery Tuborg during the 2016 Roskilde Festival. It features a 120 square meter canopy for visitors to relax under it’s generous shade. SKUM’s construction creates a minimal environmental footprint while at the same time offer maximum visibility. With color changing LED lights programmed to illuminate the pavilion during evenings, the pavilion generates a warm glow of an enormous nightlight on the festival and museum grounds.

BIG told in an interview with that creating the inflatable structor was a more challenging task than expected.

"The first manufacturer completely gave up and we were under enormous time pressure. But the end-result is the most beautiful thing you could imagine."