Summer Happening's

A New Type of Imprint is taking a summer holiday, but before we do, we intend on leaving behind a trail of summer recommendations for those who are and those who aren’t already addicted to catching fictional animals of augmented reality.

A New Summer ‘16
Butter up your holiday by listening to this list of uplifting tunes we carefully curated to your summer daze.

American contemporary artist and talk-show host Alex Israel has brought his vision and feeling of LA-life to The Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art in Oslo.

“In #AlexIsrael the beach life of Los Angeles is brought into Astrup Fearnley Museet by large-scale sky murals and a monumental life-size pier that extends out into the exhibition space of the main hall.”

Israel has gained considerable attention the last few years, for his sculptures, his paintings and his infamous interview show As It Lays. The exhibition, aptly titled #AlexisIsrael, will be available in Oslo till November 9 2016.

Mr. Robot season 2
One of our favorite shows of last year, Mr. Robot, the beautifully executed show about cyber terrorism and paranoia, is back – and so are we; back on the couch every Thursday night, hoodie-covered heads and all.

No month is better for books than another – every season of the year has its own relation to reading, but summer is all about reading outdoors.

For this we recommend Paul Auster’s ‘Timbuktu’ – the charming and heartbreaking tale of Mr. Bones, a dog who is struggling to find meaning after a life-changing turn of events. Literature about a dog, you ask? Paul Auster, we reply.

Cards Against Humanity‘A party game for horrible people.’ 
We know. How can we recommend a game with a tag line like that? But it’s just so damn fun. Plus you need to socialize in order to play it. Which means you’ll laugh with others. Make friends. And cry. From all the laughing. Which is a good thing! We think.


Veronica Solheim