Bik Bok Runway Award

The Bik Bok Runway award is an endorsement of young, talented designer. As part of Norway’s largest fashion company, Bik Bok gives five young designers the opportunity to showcase at Oslo Runway. Bik Bok is emphasizing the importance of recognizing and encouraging young talents to inspire more young people to take a chance on fashion, which is important to Bik Bok and the entire industry.

Head of marketing and purchasing manager at Bik Bok, Renè Høgsted, is excited about the awards and believes it is an important initiative in regards to enhancing the focus on young Norwegian designers.

"With BBRA we wish to create an arena for young, promising designers, where they can showcase their talents and their collections and as a result get the attention they need to be a part of further development and growth of the industry. It is important to encourage and acknowledge new talent that can inspire others to do the same. We hope to find a design talent who we can help achieve the success he or she deserves," he explains.

This years nominees consist of a wide range of designers, each with a distinct and recognizable style.

Bror August is an independent brand founded and designed by Bror August Vestbø. Based in New York and Oslo, he focuses on hand techniques, believing that a visible touch of the hand creates more personal and emotional relationships with the garments.

Anne Karine Thorbjørnsen is a strong newcomer at the Norwegian design arena. With a distinct idiom, sophisticated concepts and design she has founded her work on the fold, draping, and feminism. She has presented collections both on and off schedule at London Fashion Week, as well as collaborative exhibitions.

Beate Godager is described as a designer with a well thought through approach to her design, both visually and conceptually. With a sometimes futuristic interpretation of the body, she developed contemporary garments for the modern woman.

Camilla Reinfjell established her practice in Oslo after graduating from Oslo National Academy of Arts in 2014. In addition to working with several Norwegian fashion labels she is currently developing a project aiming to create high quality womenswear through close collaboration with her customers.

Edda Gimnes graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2016, and was named one of ten «Fresh out of Fashion School designers to watch» by the New York Times. Her eclectic expression combines fur, embroidery and prints sketched with her left hand to create a child-like aesthetic.

The nominees get the chance to showcase their collections during this years Oslo Runway awards. In addition one lucky winner receives 100 000 NOK for development of a new collection or to purchase goods related to the creation of new pieces. In addition the winner gets a full showing during OSLRW 2017.