Admir Batlak Pop-Up

On the 24th and the 25th of August Oslo Runway kicks off at Sentralen in Oslo. After two days packed with everything that has to do with Norwegian fashion, the event will be completed with a spectacular show by designer Admir Batlak, who is planning on giving the audience quite the surprise.

After the runway show the models will continue off the runway, and out in the streets of Oslo, down Karl Johan street and all the way down to the waterfront. They will end up at Aker Brygge where everyone can get a chance to experience the talented designers latest design in a pop up runway show, where everyone is invited.

"I am so excited to present my new collection for spring 2017 in cooperation with Aker Brygge. The financial support makes it possible for me to show my work on a professional and satisfying level. Fashion Shows are usually reserved for the people working in the industry. That’s why I am particularly eager to see the response from the show that will take place down at the dock, where a more varied audience gets the chance to take part in the experience, " the designer explains.

Photo: Karine Rønning

Marketing and country manager at Aker Brygge, Mim Stang, believes that more people must be engaged in the fashion industry to be able to create growth in the industry. Through the joint project with Batlak she explains that they want to offer a taste of Norwegian fashion to the people and show them how designers work, what goes behind back stage and how a collection is being presented in a runway show.

"We are very much looking forward to it, and hope as many people as possible stop by Aker Brygge on the 25th of August," she says.