Lyng was born when two Norwegians crossed paths with an American children's author and illustrator Max Estes in Norway’s Lofoten Islands. The three all shared a love for the Norwegian landscape, sea and spirit. They decided on a common mission over a cup of coffee; Pay homage to this inspiring corner of the globe by pairing bold design with unique products.  

After spending nine months in Lofoten with his wife, now art director Max Estes, crossed paths with Maria and Henrik Kirkesæther. Familiar with Estes ongoing project, Illustrated Norway, they wanted to see the project come to life beyond an online lexicon. As a result the three teamed up and created Lyng. mainly due to the lack of products available to tourists visiting Norway from all corners of the globe.

We felt challenged to produce unique products, from enamel camping mugs to birch veneer cutting boards, that tourists and Norwegians alike would be drawn to
— Max Estes

IllustrationVeronica Solheim