100% Introduction

A couple of weeks ago, filmmaker Andy Dunn and Sabine Zetteler were lucky enough to breach the walls of the Barbican and talk to their friend and 100% Norway curator Max Fraser at his home. He shared his views on Norwegian design today and outlined his vision for the upcoming exhibition on 22-25 September. Soon after, they went to Oslo, where newly installed DOGA director Trude Gomnæs Ugelstad offered her thoughts on this year’s show, and they were able to get a little more perspective from leading Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik and emerging artist Ann Kristin Einarsen two of the 17 designers and studios Max has selected to take part in the exhibition

This will be Zetteler’s fourth year working on the exhibition, and although the Norwegian design on display is as brilliant and diverse as ever, I don’t think we’ve ever had more fun helping bring it all together.
— Sabine Zetteler
Maja Hyggen