The Delightful

Each year the annual Design Award is hosted in Copenhagen to celebrate the best of Danish design. Hosted by the Danish magazines Bo Bedre, Boligmagasinet and Costume Living the award gathers all the major figures from the design industry. During this years event one of the most prestigious awards "Furniture Design of the Year" was awarded to a Norwegian/Danish - collaboration.

"We are very proud to have won ‘Furniture of the year’ with our HECTOR sofa," says Niels Jørgensen, CEO of Erik Jørgensen. "It has been a fantastic journey with Anderssen & Voll and we are very pleased with the result."

The jury emphasized the creation of a new joint form in the design by combining something tight and something soft to create a new form. The well executed merger between the two elements are recognized by the jury as not only a good fit but also a true visual design experience.

"The combination of tight hessian and soft leather or cotton results in a furniture design where tradition and renewal are rolled into one — notice the asymmetric use of cushions. The Norwegian design duo Anderssen & Voll have every reason to be proud of a proudct that has a name which in ancient Greek means ‘the delightful’ or ‘the radiant’," the jury explained.

Anderssen & Voll was happy to take home the award this year. They explain that the HECTOR sofa has become a piece of furniture that they only could have designed together with Erik Jørgensen.

"It is as we have taken the classic Danish box and ‘shuffled’ the traditional form elements. A well-known and cherished melody with new rhythms. Erik Jørgensen reinterpreted," says Thorbjørn Anderssen from the Norwegian design duo.