Volume Eight

Another year is over and we are happy to announce that Vol.8 went to print yesterday. Eight issues, two collections, the second anniversary — it was a proud moment. 

In Vol.8 'Conversations on Creativity and a Guide to the City' you'll meet great people, such as the eminent furniture designer Andreas Engesvik, fashion designer Cathrine Hammel and artist Ann Iren Buan. We're enjoying wine at Territoriet with photographer Sigve Aspelund, we're in Rasa Maria Gundersen's lush garden and talks about innovation with the fabulous cross creative agency, Void.

In chapter 2 we're taking you on a ride in the city. We talk about urbanism, infrastructure and 'cities and design'. You'll learn that every little street and building, bridge and staircase, backyard and park is designed by and for humans. Professor in Urbanism Judith Borsboom van Beurden wrote the manifest, Marius Svaleng Andresen shot the cover and the pictures, and Lid & Wiken did the design and layout. It's a fun chapter with a lot of motion. 

The magazine will be in stores in two weeks, but is already available for pre ordering. 

Veronica Solheim