Photography by Siren Lauvdal
Styling by Kråkvik D’Orazio)

Hallgeir Homstvedt opened his own studio in 2009, and has since then provided service within furniture, product, industrial design and consultancy to a wide range of clients. His work has ben exhibited in London, Tokyo, Oslo, New York and Milan, and his latest design — NIU, a modular sofa for LK Hjelle — had its world launch at Oslo Design Fair yesterday. 

"In Catalan 'niu' means 'nest' and that is exactly what I wanted to create with the NIU sofa; a zone shielded from the surrounding interior with high walls, an inside filled with soft cushions and a generous depth made to share," Hallgeir says.

NIU is inspired by a box that opens and gives you a glimpse of what lies hidden inside. The design is given a dynamic character — the modules can be combined in many different ways, adaptable to various spaces and needs. LK Hjelle compares it to a bird making up its nest, piece by piece.

LK Hjelle is a third generation family business based on the west coast of Norway. The essence of Hjelle is to create beautiful, timeless Scandinavian pieces that will last for generations to come — both in form, quality and comfort. Together with both Norwegian and international designers, Hjelle has received several awards for their products, such as the The Best Furniture by Wallpaper* Design Award for their sofa Ugo.