Oslo by 810 Portraits

Last weekend, 810 unique portraits of Oslo and its inhabitants formed the portrait exhibition 810—one of the largest portrait exhibitions ever.

The exhibition was the result of a collaboration between photographer and artist Stephen Butkus, and artist and curator Nicolai Schaanning Larsen. Throughout the fall, the duo have produced 12.960 unfiltered, unedited and uncensored photographs that together forms the portraits—essentially a comprehensive art project that paints a picture of Oslo, its inhabitants and the relation between the two. The aesthetic result is described by the artists as raw and real, just like the city itself.

«We wanted to create a unique experience and at the same time show the faces of Oslo in a way we’ve never seen before,» says Stephen Butkus.

The exhibition were held at the new Clarion Hotel The Hub, which will open its doors on March 1st, 2019. The exhibition, however, was at room 810 (conceptual, indeed) and covers the entirety of the room; walls, roof, cables—everything. 





PhotographyMarkus Støle