Something Less, Something New

The «mood makers» of Norwegian lighting, design studio and retailer Northern Lighting, recently announced that they’ve started phasing into something new, and something less. Something less in the sense that the word «Lighting» is stripped from their brand name, and something new in the sense that «lighting» no longer defines their designs.

From December 1st, Northern Lighting becomes Northern, and with it a holistic range of furniture, interior and lighting designs—established to bridge the gap between statement-making products and practical, multifunctional designs.

Over the course of two years, the brand has been developed in collaboration with the acclaimed design duo Morten & Jonas, and will be characterised by a bold approach to shapes and materials—aimed to challenge the status quo and take Scandinavian design in a fresh direction.

«Northern was born out of Northern Lighting. Furniture and interior accessories are a natural fit, allowing us to explore our ideas in a whole new scale,» CEO, Ove Rogne, states in the press release.

Northern’s debut collection will launch February 6 at Stockholm Furniture Fair, and will include seating, tables, lighting and interior accessories. The collection is designed by a team of 16 creatives from seven different countries, consisting of leading designers as well as up-and-coming rookies—ultimately leaving the collection democratic in style and relevant for a global audience.