Viktor Weisshappel

A New Type of Imprint, Volume 12—the final magazine of the Nordic series—is finally out, and with it a dive into the mystical and majestic Iceland. With this conclusion, the Nordic series consists of four comprehensive volumes exploring the creative spheres of Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.

As always, the second chapter is designed by external contributors, and for this edition, both the chapter as well as the cover was created by Reykjavik based designer, Viktor Weisshappel, and it tells a tail of Iceland's natural, contrast filled environment and atmosphere.    

Hi Viktor! Please tell us about your design for the cover and chapter two.
The weather is always a big topic of discussion here in Iceland, it changes frequently and has a big influence on our mood. In the summer we have daylight through the night and in the winter we have darkness through the day. I feel this extreme contrast between light and dark is a good way to represent Iceland in an honest way. 

I worked with abstract graphics to capture the atmosphere, using the flag colors, red, blue and the gradient scale between them to build contrast. There are also some fun details, for example the page numbers gradually descending on the left page and ascending on the right, representing the cycles of the sun.

What characterizes Icelandic design?
There is a lot of heritage in Iceland, but I feel the designers draw their inspiration from all over, so there is not a particular style going on here that is not found elsewhere. Everybody knows each other and it is a small market, so designers are very aware of who is doing what, that may be the thing that differentiates us from other countries.

How is the creative culture and sphere in Iceland these days?
There are a lot of artists on this small island so I would say it’s very vibrant. 

See and read more on Icelandic creativeness in Volume 12.

Graphic DesignMarkus Støle