We came across these cute portraits on Behance the other day, and simply had to share the fun. The creator is Sheng Chen, an illustrator from China currently studying design at the University in Bergen.

Like most illustrators, Chen thinks she was born with an interest in drawing, and started doing it at a very young age. Chen's portfolio is full of fun characters, but her last project really stands out, both in terms of technique and in colors. 

Hi Chen! Please tell me about the Portraits.
This project is simply about exploring acrylic and color. It's the first time I used this kind of materials, and I instantly became fascinated with its natural brush look. The drawings gathers all my favourite elements to draw, like pea eyes, round faces, poker faces and bright colors that make them look like little children. Sometimes I find it difficult to mix the accurate color I imagine in my mind, but these colors gave me a great sense of achievement. 

Why the unusual choice of materials?
I'm not good with traditional material, I usually use my tablet and photoshop. For hand drawings I choose simple tools like pencil, brush pen, and sometimes a pigment liner. I found this project super rewarding, and hope I will get to explore more different materials in the near future. 

IllustrationVeronica Solheim