The Danish Issue

Illustration by Helene Egeland

After the visit to our friends in Finland and the following success of Volume 9, we are excited about getting our hands dirty researching the mother of Scandinavian design: Denmark. And we're interested in your input.

Volume 10 will be focusing on Danish creativity and design, so if you know someone or something Danish we should feature – young or veteran, ancient technique or new innovation – let us know at and who knows, your idea might be featured in our next issue.

Making an issue we can all be proud of takes a great deal of effort in every aspect of the production, but the research phase is often the most essential building block for the entire process. Finding the right stories and visuals is what gives us the drive to continue and we know that reaching out to you guys will only make everything all the more better.

And for that, we thank you.

PublishingVeronica Solheim