Power of the mood board

Words by DanishTM.
The shelf is photographed by Hans Petter Smeby.
Moodboards photographed by Studio David Thulstrup.

When Studio David Thulstrup creates a mood board for a specific idea or project, then the mood board has great importance in defining where the project is going to head. In addition, the mood board can act as an instrument for fine social media marketing.

What is a mood board to you?
Mood boards are a really important part of our creative process here at Studio David Thulstrup. We work with materials, colors and shapes for projects every single day, and the mood boards are an essential part of communicating our ideas and concepts to clients and also to our fellow colleagues. We also think it's super important to have a project here and there, where we get to translate a subject or an idea into something physical and experimental with complete creative freedom. Creating both actual and hypothetical mood boards for use on our Instagram page gives the team a fantastic creative exercise and provides a cool little break from client work. Materials are such a big part of the studios DNA – so we focus on them a lot! It's a natural part of our work, and we are very proud that our material library is getting bigger and better each week. There is always something new to investigate and new inspiration to draw on for projects, which we believe keeps us progressive.

How does the mood boards affect your design process?
With our mood boards featured on our Instagram feed – which are developed to represent both hypothetical and real projects/ideas – we are really trying to broaden our knowledge of construction materials that are available globally – and really push the combinations! They are a fantastic creative outlet for us and also a wonderful representation of the studios aesthetic. We are also taking a new direction with the mood boards right now and trying to communicate how sustainable and green materials don’t necessarily need to be that predictably ‘green’ in their appearance. We are working with many amazing suppliers who are developing materials with the highest sustainability ratings – while staying true to a stunning aesthetic appearance. We find the implementation of these materials really exciting.

Why do you use the mood boards for marketing and communication?
To inspire and communicate the studios aesthetics. We love when people are commenting, sharing and interacting with each other through our Instagram profile- it's amazing to have that positive effect, and being able to communicate with people from around the world.

Why do think that your mood boards are so popular on social media?
Maybe because we dare to take chances and combine materials and colours that you don't see every day. Some concepts are more calm with a more sophisticated edge, while others are very pop and colourful, but there is something for almost everyone. And hopefully people can see that we actually put a real effort into them!

What strengths do you see in these mood boards regarding social media?
We get noticed, and we get the opportunity to work with some of the best material suppliers in the business. And as mentioned earlier it’s a creative outlet where we have the desire to really push the potential of these mood boards - so we are always researching new materials, which is of great benefit to our team and our projects.

How important is it to show yourself and be authentic and human on social media?
It's important! We try to keep it both personal and professional. Don't lose the fun and keep it honest!

DesignMaja Hyggen